Geoffrey Robertson QC is a specialist in the UK and the Commonwealth, constitutional law, human rights, media law and defamation, public law, private international law, crime and civil liberties. He has argued many landmark cases in the European Court of Human Rights, the Privy Council and the House of Lords, and has appeared in the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong, the Courts of Appeal of Florida, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, Malawi, Fiji and Antigua, in the Supreme Court of Victoria and the District Court of Queensland and was the first (and last) advocate to appear in the Revolutionary Military Tribunal of Mozambique. Over 200 of his cases are to be found in the law reports. Mr Robertson, as a member of the Bar, is available to advise and represent (subject to previous commitments) those who seek his services in the areas in which he specialises.

Geoffrey Robertson QC has given many conference key-note addresses, and his chairmanship skills are frequently sought. He conducts “Hypotheticals” and similarly imaginative “infotainment” for public and private institutions and has devised video presentations for ethics training in corporations and public service.

Inquiries for his services in these respects should be made to either Richard Bayliss (for professional representation) or Alex Courtnage (for public and media engagements); please see the ‘Contact‘ page for details.